Action “cool students”

We know that you students of the ABIOLA online Academy are cool. But we would also like to show it in our social media Instagram and Facebook 😉

Every week we would like to post a picture or a video that was taken by you and that we are allowed to show in the “cool studentscampaign.

Show everyone how funny, smart, crazy and cool you can be. Come up with something for the action. You may also want to show how you can sing, make music or dance. Your “project” doesn’t have to be perfect, just have fun with it.

The pictures/videos of you can be taken at school, outside or at home. Here you can find some video examples.

To create your projects:

You could take your pictures/videos with a smartphone. Keep in mind that your “projects” are often viewed on a smartphone. You decide how you hold your smartphone while recording. Held high it is better for the smartphone, crosswise it is better for the PC. Everything is ok for us.

This is how you submit your pictures or videos to us:

You can submit your picture or video to us. You can do this with a smartphone or a PC. All you need is internet access.

1. Start the website in your browser
2. Enter email as the recipient:
3. If you have an email, enter it (but this is not necessary)
4. Write a subject and a short text (see below)
5. Upload your image/video
6. Click on “send” and confirm further buttons, if any are requested.

Give your “project” a name

In the text at Filemail you write us what we can write about your “project” in the social media Instagram/Facebook. Examples:

“the giraffe dancers” by school xxx in the village yyy
“School band Eagle” by school xxx in the village yyy
“Steet Banditos” from school xxx in the village of yyy
or whatever you can think of..

It is important that you name yourselves. Which school, which class and/or your names.

If you do not have an email address, please write us your account ID in our Academy or your first name and last name. Then we can write to you via the Academy (notification) whether we will publish your project.

Instagram & Facebook: