Compliment & Thank you

ABIOLA congratulates all those who have completed this course “Raspberry Pi OS” and hope that a valuable contribution to further education has emerged.

At the same time, we would like to thank the author of this course, engineer Christian Thomä, for contributing his expertise to the ABIOLA online Academy. We are now happy to let him have his say.

By the author

My name is Christian Thomä and I am happy to be a part of this project. I was able to advise Christoph Köhler technically and provide some texts and pictures for this course.

After studying mechanical engineering and during my distance learning computer science, I realized that learning is a constant process. Through him we are able to shape our future.

After all, it is very fulfilling to know that people on other contingents are happy about the support of ABIOLA gGmbH. As part of the company createYourIdeas GmbH, we would like to support this and other projects technically and in an advisory capacity.

Good luck

Thanks also company createYourIdeas

Author Chris has made us another pleasure with his company createYourIdeas.

Chris developed the monitor bag (pictures below) for us. This bag is mounted on the back of the monitor and the ABIOLA Raspberry PC is inserted into it.

The screen holder was created as follows:
First Chris created a 3D graphic of the screen bag and then printed the holder with his 3-D printer. We then sent the 3D graphic (software) to our supplier in China and requested that the surface of the holders to be produced be made of anodized aluminum. The interface should fit together. The result can be seen below.

ABIOLA Raspberry PC
Screen Bag
Raspberry in Screen Pocket