LESSON 7 – Google Calc

You should study this lesson particularly intensively, because Google Calc is also free and it offers you many additional possibilities to calculate alone or together with others.

We have already pointed out that the online data of a table also ends up on an external server.
You therefore have to weigh up for yourself what predominates: the confidentiality of the data or the possibilities of Google Calc.

1. Whoever starts the Google Spreadsheet is the admin. He can decide who can read or edit the content worldwide.
2. To include team members, the admin only needs an email address from the external persons.
3. The admin also decides how exactly a team member can edit the data.
E.g. Edit = yes, Delete = no.
4. The admin can also track every change made by each team member.
5. Even if several members are working in a spreadsheet at the same time, everyone sees it at the same time.
6. Team members don’t need a Google account