There is quite a number of different Linux interfaces these days and most of them offer you a wide variety of options under settings. Before we dive into the settings section, we would like to give you a rough overview of the settings interface. Hopefully that will give you an idea on how to find your way around right from the start.

Tip: Don’t be afraid of messing up any of the settings. when using a computer it is important to know where you are at all times. Your biggest help here is mouse pointer in the graphical interface. In addition, it is important for a computer beginner to understand what a click with the mouse pointer does.

In this image you can see which actions you can perform with your mouse when using the standard settings.

  • You can move the mouse (1) with your hand and thereby your mouse pointer (1) in the user interface. But you probably already know that!
  • If you want to open programs or open a menu with your mouse pointer now, you should use the left mouse button (2). Sometimes a simple click is enough, especially at the top of the menu. On your desktop or in Explorer, you need to press the mouse button twice (double-click)!
  • With the right button (3) you can usually open a menu for the object the mouse cursor is currently hovering over. For example, if you click on the desktop, it will open a desktop-related menu, where you can create a new folder or access the desktop settings at the bottom of the menu.
  • The mouse wheel (4) is very handy to use when you are on a website. You can roll the mouse wheel either up or down. This will cause a scrolling action in the user interface, such as moving up or down through the content on a website!

Note: I’m sure you’ve already already figured out some of this on your own. But perhaps you could still benefit from better understanding the operating concept of the mouse. The same principle applies when using other operating systems. You also have the option of adjusting the mouse settings to some extent. However, it is usually more practical if every user keeps the same mouse settings.