Your entry as a student of the ABIOLA online Academy

We would be pleased to provide you as a student with valuable expertise about the ABIOLA courses provided. If you are a student of a school supported by us, then you first have some tasks to do personally. This is important before you start studying our courses. Please read our instructions below carefully and proceed accordingly. It only takes a few minutes.

1. ABIOLA Points Reward Principle

Why should you earn points when studying the courses?

No matter which course you work on, you get points for it. For example:
– Points for logging in
– Points for studied topics
– Points for completed quizzes

You can view your current score at any time. We’ll show you that below. The sum of the points of all students of your school are added together and these are known to our team.
Each school usually gets 5 computers donated by ABIOLA for the start. If you students study our courses together diligently, then we would like to hand over more PCs to your school. We can thus reward your school if you and your classmates study a lot in the ABIOLA online Academy.

There are also opportunities for ABIOLA to reward you personally as a diligent student.

For example:
– Free computer for the best students of our Academy
– extremely cheap computers on a micro-credit basis after school (e.B. 5 € / month) for very good students

In addition, the points reward system also has other advantages.
a) If you mark a topic as read, then the next day you will know exactly where you can continue your studies.
b) Only if ABIOLA knows which courses are accepted and studied by you, we can optimize and supplement our courses. ABIOLA learns, so to speak, from you students 😉

We hope that you can see the advantage of the ABIOLA points reward principle. The ABIOLA courses have 40 years of computer experience, the authors have extensive expertise. In our opinion, Linux PCs are better for most countries in Africa because they (a) are much cheaper, and b) there is a free program for almost all areas. More than 100 programs are presented by us in the Academy and RASP.

2. Registration with e-mail address

You have to register once in the ABIOLA online Academy. To do this, you also need your own e-mail address (this is what WordPress, the Academy’s software environment, expects). To achieve this, all you need is internet access. You can do this quickly with your school computer. If you do not have your own e-mail address, you can create a one-time temporary e-mail address with which you can register in the Academy. Everything is described exactly in the menu item “Miscellaneous – Registration“, number 4 (pink). Your teacher or other students can help you if you can’t cope yourself.

3. Assign your account to your school

After registration, you are a student of the ABIOLA online Academy, but your accumulated points will not yet be assigned to your school. You can reach the assignment in a few seconds. Ask your teacher for your school code. This is usually 4-digit.

Then go to “Miscellaneous – Registration” as described above, but in section 2 (green). Then enter your school code, click on the check mark below and then on the “Submit” button. Ready.

4. Study courses and collect points

Now you can study our courses. Just for your info. Each course is structured as follows:
– Course
– Lessons
– Topics
– Quiz
You get the most important and most points for studying the individual topics.

Only if you click on the green button “Mark Complete” at the end of a quiz, then you get points. The points will then be displayed briefly at the top right of the screen.


Tip: For each new session in the Academy, check that you are logged in to your school’s PC.
Not that you collect points for your classmates.

5. Evaluate your points

Whenever you have studied points in the Academy, they are displayed in a small banner on the top right screen for a few seconds. You can view the sum of your own points and an overview of all courses you attend at any time in the menu item “Miscellaneous – Courses & Points“.


Our recommendation:
First of all, check your score as just described. Then you study a topic from some course. Then mark the topic as “Mark Complete” (Green Button). Then you look at the top right to see how many points you got. Then you check your current score again. Is the new sum correct?

Good luck

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but from thinking about what is read

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