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ABIOLA Raspberry Pi PC´s

ABIOLA verwendet das weltweit am meisten verwendeten Ausbildungs-System Raspberry Pi aus UK.

Video with Musik – Production of 110 pcs in Ghana

Produced in Ghana,

Christoph Köhler lernt dem Team von Assembly of God, wie die PCs zusammen gebaut werden.

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The focus of this academy is on the areas of Raspberry Computer / Linux and renewable energies. The non-profit organization ABIOLA wants to make a free contribution to further education for all.


Our ABIOLA courses are created for you in cooperation with experienced authors and competent institutions.

That’s how much fun students in Africa have during break times.

A video clip for ABIOLA from the “Hope Academy in Ghana”


We would like to share our expertise with you. The ABIOLA RASP database and all courses of the ABIOLA Online Academy are free of charge for you.


Start first with the 3 most popular courses


ABIOLA Academy

Presentation of ABIOLA and instruction in the course processing of the online academy. Course free.


Linux Programs

Presentation of the most important free Linux programs and their applications. Course free (registration).


LibreOffice Calc 77up

77 interesting tips with videos and more about the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. Course free (registration).

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