ABIOLA Academy – Smartphone

Mobile App für Android oder IOS

Academy app for your smartphone

We use the modern PWA method for the installation of the ABIOLA online Academy. Please first study the difference between a PWA app and a conventional app from the Google or Apple stores.

PWA – Progressive Web App

First of all, the most important thing. Once you have installed a PWA app, it behaves on your smartphone just like all other apps. You can then find them in the “Apps” section and you can handle and uninstall them the same at any time.

The installation is different and a bit more complex. However, the installation usually takes only about 30 seconds.

Advantages of a PWA:
1. It is independent of the usual stores
2. ABIOLA can maintain the content itself on WordPress and does not need a software developer
3. The installation is the same on an Android smartphone as on an iPhone
4. We don’t need to develop and maintain two versions
5. In addition to the main page of the PWA, all other menu items of the Academy are also available for you (3 dashes above)

Additional benefits:

  • Browser-based
  • Platform
  • Wide-range
  • fast in development
  • Easy to optimize
  • cheap
  • low storage space requirements
  • low loading time

Grab your smartphone and off you go.

Installing the app

We show you installation using the example of an Android device. It’s the same with the Apple smartphone iPhone. Watch the video below to see the installation process exactly. Also enjoy it with audio. Your ABIOLA Academy app is installed in 10 small steps.

1. Launch your Chrome or Firefox browser.

2. Enter: academy.abiola.ngo and confirm

3. Then wait about 2 seconds

4. You will find the button “Install” below (in the video german “Install”

5. Click on it

6. Wait about 5 seconds

7. It will say that the app will be installed.

8. Then click on the “Open” button

9. Now you are in the app

10. Then go to your main screen and look for the yellow Academy icon.


This is what the icon (favicon) looks like. You can now move and edit the icon just like any other app.

Now look for the icon on your screen.

1. If the headings are blue, then you are in the app

2. It also doesn’t look like a browser up here anymore

3. The 3 tricks take you to the Academy menu

Did you have problems?

If you have ever entered www.academy.abiola.ngo in your browser, the browser’s cache has remembered the content and the installation will not work.

There are two possibilities:

1. The faster variant
Use a different browser for installation that you haven’t used to access Academy yet (instead of Chrome -> Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari)

2. The more complex variant
We show it using the example of the Chrome browser.

In the top right, click Settings

Select the menu item “History”

Click here on “Clear browsing data”

1. Mark only this area

2. Click Erase Data

If you still see this menu, then check and then click on the button “delete”

Now go to the main menu and run the installation as described above.

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