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ABIOLA Academy

Presentation of ABIOLA and instruction in the course processing of the online academy. Course free.


Linux Programs

Presentation of the most important free Linux programs and their applications. Course free (registration).


LibreOffice Calc 77up

77 interesting tips with videos and more about the LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. Course free (registration).


Environment & Climate

Valuable basics about environmental climate protection and sustainable development. (registration)


Electronics Basic

Extensive electronics basics. Easy entry for beginners and intensive specialist knowledge for insiders (registration)


Linux Introduction

Quick learning of the most important Linux commands in various stages. Course free (registration).


LibreOffice Writer

Here you will learn many details about the Writer word processor from the Linux Office package (registration).


PC & Solar 4 Schools

Different configurations of Raspberry Pi computers with solar and emergency power supply. Course free (registration).


Raspberry Pi OS

Basics and many tips for the Raspberry Pi OS operating system. Course free (registration).


Become a Course Author

Would you like to write a course for the ABIOLA online Academy yourself? Here you will learn how to share your expertise. (registration).


4 Teachers & Coaches

The course includes the basics of the ABIOLA online Academy for school teachers and for coaches who want to start an ABIOLA club. Course free (registritation).


Protected: Python Basic

Programming basics for Python. With these “basics” you will be able to write interesting programs (course in progress).


LibreOffice Impress

Look forward to many functions and tricks about LibreOffice Impress for your best presentations (video in progress)


MySolar System

Here you will learn how you can set up your own solar system with little money. Planned for 2024.

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