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Christoph Köhler

Christoph Köhler

1. Chairman and Managing Director


Sharing, helping and teaching is our passion! For more than 15 years, ABIOLA has been treading this path and we still see ourselves at the beginning.

Much has been achieved. But “enough is never enough”.

Also at this point a big thank you to all team members, partners, sponsors, supporters and freelancers.

Below we briefly introduce ABIOLA and report on our planned activities.

ABIOLA Germany

About 15 years ago, today’s association Abiola e.V. was founded. In the meantime, many activities have been carried out. In addition, many non-profit aid organizations could be financially supported. In recent years, ABIOLA has focused on the core of its statutes:
The promotion of solar technology for the population in Africa.

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Solar systems

In 2020 alone, we were able to donated more than 1000 ABIOLA family SolarKits to poor families in Africa. In 2021, about 1000 SolarKits can be donated to families in about 17 different African countries. Thanks at this point also to all supporters who have supported this project financially.

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ABIOLA Light Portal

All handed over SolarKits are documented in the internet portal “ABIOLA Licht Portal”. Here are thousands of photos documenting the projects, the families and the handover of SolarKits. There are also many beautiful photos of the different African countries to see. Here are some links to it:

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RASP Campaign

RASP stands for Raspberries for African School Projects.
From 2021, ABIOLA will also donate computers to African schools. In the first campaign, 100 new computer workstations will be handed over to schools in Africa. More computers are to be handed over to other schools every year. The computers consist of high-quality Raspberry Pi systems with 18 inch monitors, mouse and keyboard in english or french layout. This provides teachers and students with full-fledged computer systems for commercial and technical applications.


RASP Knowledge Base

In order to give students a quick introduction to computer technology, ABIOLA is building a knowledge database with many tips and helpful articles, which is to be continuously expanded. A quick indexed search is possible. Various authors work together for this knowledge database. These authors work from home and have their locations worldwide. The base language of the RASP articles is English. In the long term, the database should at least also be available in the German language. Presumably, this will also be offered later in the French language. The RASP database consists of main categories and several subcategories. We welcome all freelancers who make their expertise available for interesting articles in our RASP knowledge database.

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Contact for freelancers: info@academy.abiola.ngo


ABIOLA online Academy

Our academy goes one step further. We strive to gradually offer our students the basics of raspberry, Linux and solar technology in various courses. At the same time, all students have the opportunity to review their learned expertise. Each student can get their own account so that they can interrupt a course at any time and continue it later in the same place. We strive to ensure that all students also have the opportunity to operate both the RASP knowledge database and the complete online academy with a tablet or a smartphone. This allows the student to learn even if he does not have a computer at his disposal.

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Power supply for mobile interface

If you learn a lot with your mobile phone, you will quickly notice that the battery life is not unlimited. ABIOLA plans to provide power banks for students. The power banks can be charged at school, at home or with an ABIOLA Turbocharger. The Turbocharger is able to charge up to 50 power banks per day with solar energy. ABIOLA currently has about 1,000 new power banks (2,600 mA) in stock and is looking for a way to use them efficiently in cooperation with the respective schools.

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Solar energy for computer workstations

At the same time, ABIOLA is working on supplying several computer workstations with pure solar energy. As of 05/2021, we assume that an ABIOLA TurboCharger 120 W can supply four Raspberry Pi computers with solar energy during the day. Due to the built-in battery, individual computers can also be used until late into the night. We have already succeeded in operating a beamer with video and audio for more than four hours with the battery of a TurboCharger.


Promotion of young talent – StartUp

In the long term, our students can develop different Academy levels. We intend to provide particularly hard-working students with a complete computer workstation for their professional careers free of charge after their school education. However, this is done in coordination with the respective schools and organizations.


Micro Credit for Computers

We also plan to hand over a significant number of computer workstations to students on a microcredit basis each year. This is intended to enable retiring pupils to start their future professional lives. The costs of these computers should then be much cheaper than conventional computers and they should be able to be repaid in very small installments. The revenues from the instalments will then be used exclusively for further microcredits. For this funding, an achieved Academy level is a prerequisite.


Launch of RASP and Academy 2021

In autumn 2021, we would like to start our ABIOLA RASP campaign. Initially, about 40-50 computer workstations are to be installed in various schools in Ghana and Nigeria. We hope that by then the RASP knowledge database as well as the ABIOLA online Academy will have progressed a good deal. We plan to expand both RASP Base and the Academy’s courses in the coming years and hope for good communication and cooperation with the teachers, students and professionals from Africa.


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