ABIOLA online Academy – Campaign 2023

Rewards for schools and students for accumulated expertise.

ABIOLA rewards schools and users of the ABIOLA online Academy for points collected

during the period between 01 .07. and 31.01.2024

If you are a student/teacher of an ABIOLA-supported school in Africa, then we recommend that you study the courses of the ABIOLA Online Academy and earn points along the way. We would like to reward you and your school for this.

Also this year 2023 we offer a campaign. Below you will find the attractive rewards for you.

Christoph Köhler - Managing Director ABIOLA gGmbH

Premium 1:

Every student/teacher who collects an additional 500 points from
01.07.202330.10.2023 will receive a set consisting of an ABIOLA notebook and a magical erasable ABIOLA pen (blue). See video & enjoy audio.

We currently have the first 1500 pads and 3000 pens in stock for the campaign!
Check here your personal score from July – Oktober!

See explanation of the planned handover (below).

Premium 2:

Every student/teacher who collects an additional 500 points from
01.11.2023 – 31.01.2024 will receive a set consisting of an ABIOLA notebook and a magical erasable ABIOLA pen (blue or red). See video & enjoy audio.

Thus, each student can receive 2 ABIOLA pad/pen sets from July – December.
Check here your personal score from November- January!

See explanation of the planned handover (below).

Premium 3:

Any school that offers a change of year in the ABIOLA online Academy of
01.07.2023 – 31.10.2023 and admits at least 20 new students to the Academy, will receive 1 ABIOLA pad/pen set for every 2 newly admitted students (maximum 15 sets). See video & enjoy audio.

See statement on the handover and the turn of the year (below).

We also plan to offer other colors for the pens.

Premium 4:

Every school that collects a total of 15,000 additional points in the period from 01.07.2023 – 31.01.2024 will receive another ABIOLA Raspberry Pi PC.
Check here your current score of your school from July – December!

See planned handover. Here >>

Handing over the goods to schools / students

The school association Assembly of God establishes 4 bases in Ghana. Each school with an ABIOLA computer is assigned to a base. At the end of the respective period, AOG will hand over the corresponding premiums to the respective bases. Each school receives a table with the number of rewards and the respective recipients. This is calculated automatically in the ABIOLA online Academy.

We make every effort to provide the premiums in a timely manner, but ask for your understanding if there are delays in delivery.


Other African countries
ABIOLA hands over the bonuses to the respective NGO partners. They organize the handover independently. There may be a delay in the first handover. In the long term, we would like to keep a sufficient number of goods in stock in all countries of our NGO partners on a permanent basis.


New Year’s Eve of a school

Every year, students drop out of a school and new students will join. However, students who leave a school do not leave the ABIOLA online Academy. All retiring students can continue to study our courses for free for a lifetime. These students will even continue to be assigned to the original school, but the student will be given a different status.

Status “active” and “passive”

Any teacher (with the role of teacher or director) can change the status of retiring student from active to passive in the ABIOLA online Academy. In addition, any teacher can accept new students into the Academy. We have created our own training videos for this purpose. It is very easy to do this.

See “Student to Archive” and “Search the Archive” videos. Feel free to enjoy them with audio as well.

Why should the change of school be carried out?

1. Example: If 50 schools accept 20 new young students into the Academy at the beginning of the new school year, then an additional 1000 students will study in the ABIOLA online Academy

2. The school can also always see the achievements of ALL students of these students. We distinguish between “active”, “passive” and “all”.


This video shows how a teacher of the academy transfers a student who leaves school to the school archive. Enjoy audio.

This video shows how an Academy teacher can analyze active students (school) and passive students (archive). Enjoy audio.

Control of the number of points achieved so far in the respective period

You will certainly be interested in whether you have already reached the reward target for a period and, if not, how many points are still missing. Click on the links marked in red above and study your personal points and your school’s points during the period. The page will open in a new tab.
Check here how many points have been achieved by all students so far from July – January!

Remember: The courses of the ABIOLA Online Academy can also be studied with a smartphone. We wish you every success.

If you want to give up,remember why you started..


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