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Here you will find the description of the displayed results.

How are the displayed results to be understood?

Many students study courses in the ABIOLA online Academy. On the homepage of our Academy you will find current figures and results that are constantly changing. Many numbers such as the number of topics studied, quizzes, time or collected points are automatically recorded and displayed here promptly. In the small documentary below you will find the explanation of the respective results.

Get inspired and check how the numbers change from time to time. It is a sign of whether and how the courses of the ABIOLA online Academy are used and accepted by the teachers and students.

Christoph Köhler - Principal of ABIOLA online Academy

Enrolled: Countries: Sum of African countries in which students of the participating schools study at the courses.

Schools: Sum of all participating schools in all countries.

PC’s: Sum of all Raspberry Pi donated by ABIOLA, on which all students study the courses.

Pupil: Sum of all students of the Academy study our courses.

Provided: Courses: Sum of all courses that can currently be studied by all students.

Topics: Sum of all topics available for study in all courses.

Quizzes: Sum of all quizzes provided in all courses.

Studied by all: Topics: Sum of all topics that have been studied by all students so far.

Quizzes: Sum of all successfully completed quizzes of all students so far.

Points: Points: Sum of all points collected by all students so far.

Quizzes: Sum of all successfully completed quizzes of all students so far.

Study time: Hours: Previous total study time of all students in all courses so far. *

* The actual study time cannot be taken into account, as it is possible that a student does not use the PC while working on a topic. Thus, we cannot know exactly how long the student has studied on which topic.
Instead, we tested or evaluated the typical average time of all topics and took this as an approach to the evaluation. Thus, we consider the time displayed as an estimate, but it can be considered realistic.

** The calculation of the above results is done hourly so as not to unnecessarily delay the start of the Academy.


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