Electrical Engineering / Electronics / Technology

If you have studied this course completely, then we can only congratulate you. It’s not about you deciding now to study mechanical engineering / electronics in the future, which of course would be nice.

Aim of the course:
If you understand these complex details, then you have proven that you can also familiarize yourself with other difficult topics that have nothing to do with electronics. Maybe your professional life will take you into craft, technical or electrical engineering areas. Maybe you are older yourself and you studied this course out of pure interest. That also makes sense.

You have every reason to be proud of yourself.

If you discover the field of “electronics” or “programming” as a possible hobby for you, then you have found the right tool for new discoveries with the programs you have learned.

For example, you can search the Internet for an interesting circuit and then test it with the Simulator Circuit JS or another simulator. In the virtual electronics kit you have thousands of building blocks and you can set its values individually. This is also the reason why physical components and measuring devices were omitted in “Elektronik Basic”.

About the author

Hello friends

this course Electronics Basic was created with a lot of effort. A comparable course is not known to us, certainly not free of charge. We hope that the course will provide many people with interesting specialist knowledge and that many people will realize for themselves that they are actually smarter than they thought before. The best thing, however, would be if someone decided to make electrical or electronic engineering their profession through this inspiration.

Christoph Köhler
Director of ABIOLA online Academy

I would also like to thank all direct and indirect supporters of the course. On the one hand, with the acquaintances and friends who have carried out partial tasks and given good tips. On the other hand, also with the authors of the valuable free programs Scratch, Fritzing and Circuit JS. Only through these programs was it possible to make the course virtual.

I love Africa and hope to have made a valuable contribution.