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This area was created for “citizens of the writing guild”, i.e. journalists and all those who prepare interesting reports for the press.
Here you will find some current press releases, logos and pictures about the work of ABIOLA for possible reports.
Important: Please have a look at the pictures of the ABIOLA gallery. Here you will find many interesting pictures. Just let us know which pictures you would like to publish for your press article, then we will gladly send you the pictures in the best resolution. E-mail:

We are also available for a video conference via Zoom or teams.

First, our press releases / templates as PDF or Word document

ABIOLA Press Release, detailed

ABIOLA Announcement,
Focus: Women’s
rights in Africa

ABIOLA Announcement,
Focus – gift with added value

And then some logos and pictures to download (click on picture, then right button and download..)

Contact: Thank you. Your ABIOLA-Team

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Thanks to Jasna Lazovic

and her creative workshop for the diligent management of press work for ABIOLA








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