Smartphone App

The ABIOLA Academy can be installed as a standalone app on the smartphone. No two different apps for Android and IOS were developed, but the modern PWA technology (Progressive We App) was used. This app is not installed via the known stores of the operating systems, but can be put into operation quickly and easily directly in the browser. Once installed, the app behaves like other installed apps and can be uninstalled in exactly the same way.



Enter “” into your browser. Then you will first see the desktop version. After about 10 seconds, the system recognizes that a PWA version is available. Subsequently, it is offered at the bottom of the screen that this PWA app can be installed.

The German word “installieren” means “install” in English.

Click on the “installbutton, then the app will be installed automatically. After another 10 seconds you will find the button “open”.

In addition, the icon of the app will be automatically installed on your main screen.

Now the Academy app has been launched. You can recognize it by two special features:

a) At the top, you will no longer see a header from your browser. Compare the two screenshots above and below and you’ll see the difference.
b) The headings such as “installed” are blue.




1. On the main page of the app you will find many hints and links to the Academy
2. Above you will always find the latest news about the Academy
3. At the top right you will find the three horizontal lines. Here you can find all menu items and pages of the Academy Desktop site.

All links will open a new tab. If you press the test with the arrow (left), then you are back in the app at the same place.



You can now find the app of ABIOLA online Acdademy in your Android or IOS smartphone under “Apps”. You can uninstall them just like any other app.

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