Raspberries for African School Projects
RASP is more than just the donation of many computers to schools in Africa.


RASP Knowledge Base

ABIOLA donates Raspberry Pi systems to schools in Africa. In order to make it easier for teachers and students to enter the new “computer world”, the ABIOLA database RASP – Raspberries for African School Projects was created.

The database is structured into the four main categories (BASIC, ADVACED, LIBRARY and ORGANISATION as well as many other subcategories. There are some articles within the categories. All articles are structured in a similar layout.
The ABIOLA online Academy uses these RASP articles in the courses. This database also services as a kind of “FAQ” (Frequently Asked Questions).

Training means learning that
of which you didn’t even know,
that you didn’t know.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Want to read RASP articles?

Our ABIOLA RASP articles can be studied with a PC, tablet or smartphone. All articles are free of charge and can be called up at any time. Important articles can be bookmarked in your browser.

The RASP database is set up so that you can quickly search for details. The large number of RASP articles can make it difficult for you to distinguish which articles are appropriate for your current state of knowledge and which are still too complicated.

This is precisely why the ABIOLA online Academy was created. Here you can build up your expertise step by step and only in the areas that interest you. Most of the articles in the Academy courses are directly linked to RASP articles.

By the way, the articles from an Academy course are called “Topics”. The structure of an Academy course is: CourseLextionsTopicsQuiz

Want to write RASP articles?

You think it’s good that we share our valuable expertise with people who can’t afford expensive textbooks or video courses? Do you have any experience yourself and would like to make a contribution yourself?

Join the group of “Academy heroes” and help the ABIOLA Academy to become a valuable “know-how freeware”.

Whether you write interesting tips for us about Raspberry Pi or Linux or whether you want to create challenging posts. We are grateful for everything.
We have also planned a lot for the programming area, but only in the area of basics. Maybe you also want to create your own course.

In the first course “ABIOLA”, the topic of course creation is further deepened.
Feel free to write to us at info@rasp@abiola.eu


Many articles are waiting in RASP for your visit!

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