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We are currently creating a course on LibreOffice Calc. We have not yet decided which author will write the basic lessons from the course. Regardless, we decided to present 50 cool tips in the last lesson. These tips must be interesting and impressive, so that the students look forward to the next tip after one tip. The tips are intended to show features of Calc that a student cannot easily find by scrolling through the menu.

This is important for us with a good tip:
1. Several Calc functions are combined in each “tip”
2. The author describes the tip as follows
(a) Heading
b) Exact description of the content of the video
c) Video
3. The video must be well thought out and it must not be boring (usually 30-60 sec.)
4. The video shows LibreOffice Calc
5. The tip must also work on the Raspberry Pi (school computer)

Mixed authors for “cool tips”

The 50 “cool tips” (or more) are created by different authors. In each topic (tip) the author is named at the end.

If we publish 10 or more tips from an author, then the author can also store his URL/Facebook data at the end of the tip.

Fee for “cool tips”

ABIOLA is a non-profit organization and cannot pay large fees. But we have come up with a payment system that we consider fair. We pay:

1 Euro for each submitted tipp (the first time a maximum of 15 tips)
1 Euro for each submitted tip that we use in this way or in a similar
1 Euro additional per tip, per tip that we particularly like (this is voluntary from us and we decide that)

You submit 10 tips to us. We reject 3 tips. 7 we publish and 3 we like particularly well

Your fee for the 10 tips:
Submitted 10 €
Usage: 7 €
Especially good: 5 €

Total: 22 €

This method is also based on trust. We want writers who also want to help share the accumulated expertise with other people with fewer educational opportunities.

If you would like to write Calc tips for us, then clarify in advance with us via email, messenger or portal:
– Commissioning by us
– Payment method

Examples of “cool tips”


Text: Create a grid of cells

We show the following in the video:

1. Select range of cells
2. Grid by area
3. Hide background


Text: Quickly complete cells

We show the following in the video:

  1. How to center all cells
  2. How to complete horizontally
  3. How to complete vertically
  4. Calc automatically detects how to complete it

Particularly good

Text: Create template for weekly calendar

We show the following in the video:

  1. We save the calendar as a template on the desktop as .ots
  2. Then we close Calc and look on the desktop.
  3. Then we open the .ots
  4. We make an entry in the calendar
  5. Then we save it normally with the name “week 33” on the desktop
  6. Now let’s look in the desktop. There are two files.
  7. Now we open “week 33”. The content is in it
  8. Then we open the .ots template. There is no content in the table.

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