Hello student(s),

we are looking for students with experience with Linux and possibly Raspberry who write articles and/or course contributions for us. This cooperation can take place in several ways:

  • Freelancer via home office (hourly wage 12 €) on a basis of trust
  • Internship in our house in Sulzberg near Kempten
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis

The result of your work will be displayed on our ABIOLA RASP knowledge database and, if necessary, in our ABIOLA online Academy published. Our contributions should be available free of charge to all people who cannot afford expensive books and courses. As part of a campaign, we are donating the first 100 Raspberry computer systems to African schools. The Knowledge Base and Academy are intended to help teachers and students achieve their first successes quickly.

RASP Knowledge Base : https://www.abiola.ngo/en/knowledge-base

ABIOLA online Academy: https://academy.abiola.ngo/

(password: ara)
(the URL of the academy is still in draft form and therefore carries a password)

Here are
some interesting links


to the ABIOLA Light Portal:

In 2020, we were able to distribute over 1,000 SolarKits to poor families in 15 different African countries. This year, too, there will be about 1,000 SolarKits. All families and projects are documented in our LichtPortal.

LichtPortal: www.abiola.ngo/lp

Interesting projects: www.abiola.ngo/top10

Example: Great example project in Cameroon: www.abiola.ngo/574

We are looking forward to your support. Sunny greetings. Christoph ck@abiola.eu

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