Light Portal Search

  1. Click on advanced search to see more search fields.

Tips on search options

  1. Different entry types. Families, projects or projects with families.
  2. Type of project. Village, women’s shelter, orphanage, school, etc.
  3. Status of entry: Public, Mediated, Passed (passed means that the SolarKit has been passed)
  4. Here you can search specifically for an ID number. In this case, just use this field (leave the other fields free).
  5. Search by country. Families/projects were registered in 18 countries.
  6. Here a specific term can be entered. Name of a family, village, partner, etc. The entire content is searched.
  7. If you click here, then all images with the remaining criteria are displayed.
  8. If you click here, the search begins.

Example of a search

The following is an example: All entered conditions must apply (AND):

  1. Type = Project AND
  2. Status = Not yet delivered (public) AND
  3. Country = Cameroon AND
  4. Type = Medical Aid Station AND
  5. Gallery (show only pictures) AND
  6. Start searching
  7. Because the button “Gallery” was clicked, only pictures are displayed (pages scrolling possible).

You can also search for individual families or projectsif you know the ID number. (z.B.

Here is a link to the ABIOLA Light Portal. more >> (new tab)

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