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Christoph Köhler

Christoph Köhler

After my training as an master electrician, I spent many years in the IT industry and was able to gain experience with computers and various programs.

Later I fulfilled my personal dream and switched to the field of solar technology / environmental technology. With my companies, many photovoltaic systems (solar) could be built and my enthusiasm for this technology grew constantly.

Together with the ABIOLA founding team, the idea arose in 2005 to promote this great solar technology in African countries.

As the 1st chairman of our association ABIOLA e.V. from the beginning until today, I am pleased that we have been able to support many aid projects in Africa and other countries over the years. We continue to pursue this goal.

Today I am very happy about the creation of the ABIOLA online Academy, where our authors and I can share our accumulated expertise with you.

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