Your idea for a RASP article

You have discovered something valuable about Raspberry / Linux etc., which you believe is not or not sufficiently described in the RASP database? Then feel free to write an e-mail to It is important that you write your idea in such a way that we can understand it. We will then answer your e-mail and forward it to one of our authors. After reviewing the article, a new RASP article will almost certainly emerge. Of course, we will then give you feedback accordingly.

Through your contribution, you belong to the team of authors of the globally open RASP database. The ABIOLA team and other rasp base users will be grateful to you.

You want to write more RASP articles yourself

Maybe your first RASP article inspired you so much that you want to write several cool articles under your own account.

In this case, too, write to our team about

If you notice an error in the RASP database, then we are grateful for your tip. Please describe exactly.

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