Proximity search

You can include several words in the search. These are then linked to “AND”. This means that all words entered must be correct during the search. However, you do not have to enter these words immediately. An approach search will help you.

Here is an example:
You are looking for a program with which you can manage your files on your computer. We also use the fact that for each program in the main category “Library” the heading “Installation” is included. Let’s try it out now.

  1. Search for “file” and press the Return button.
  2. A lot of articles are displayed.
  1. Now write the word “manager” and conclude with Return.
  2. Now fewer results are displayed.
  1. Now you add the third word “installation” (this word is used in every library article).
  2. Now you will be presented with exactly the 3 programs that are interesting for you.

Click on an article with the right button and open a new tab! So you will be left with the search. You can also study the other articles without having to enter the search again.

Try it out:

The program is case sensitive. You can therefore write everything in lower order.

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