Details about an entry

All entries for families and projects are displayed using the same method. All texts are available in three languages.

  1. Project ID 598 is displayed here.
  2. The project was hired by the NGO partner “TERRE DES FEMMES Meschenrechte für die Frau e.V.” in the Light Portal.
  3. Clicking on this button shows the entire text.
  4. When clicking on this button, the entire text is shown in English.
  5. When you click on this button, the entire text is shown in French.
  6. When clicking on this button, the image is shown in large size (see next picture).

Details on image view

  1. Here you can scroll to the left.
  2. Here you can turn right.
  3. Here you can display all mini pictures.
  4. You can click on any mini picture. Then it is enlarged.
  5. After the pictures of the respective project, the national flag always comes from the respective country.
  6. All images to the right of the flag have nothing to do with the project. Random images of the respective country are displayed.
  7. Click a little to the right of here to exit the picture view. The “ESC” key is also possible.


Do you want to try it now?

Click here for project ID 598 (new tab)

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